I did not start my life planning to be a psychic or serve this way…yet here I am.

I remember when I moved to Canada as a child of 10 years, leaving behind all that I had known. It was scary, exciting and traumatic all at the same time. My new language, English, could not be more different than my mother tongue. The same went for the culture, social norms…everything. In a very real sense, I was a stranger in a strange land.

Nevertheless, within the first two weeks of arrival, a voice inside told me that I would learn English well enough to teach it and not be scared. Twelve years later, I received a Bachelor of Education and did teach English and History at the high school level for a number of years.

During my final year of university, my life began to unravel. At odds with every member of my family, I left home with no money but lots and lots of pride. As my pride diminished, my fear grew. I was all alone and penniless in what now seemed like a much larger, colder city. I prayed for strength and an answer.

As if by magic, I was led to a one-week course called Dawn, a Silva-based psychic awareness program designed to expand ESP and healing capacities, held in an out-of-the-way community college. The course was well named. I realized that the voice that had led me through so much in my life was actually my Guide. I haven’t looked back.

All problems come with solutions, since creation is on-going and perfect. Answers are inevitable. Sometimes a problem arises so that we can learn something important about ourselves. It is our thoughts and especially our assumptions that often hide the solution from our awareness.

Through my Guide, I will support you in finding answers to your questions. Clear intent, both yours and mine, light the path.

Allow me to help your hear the rhythm of your life. To schedule a reading, see my Get a Reading page.