About My Readings



The spark in every soul which connects us to The Divine exists. It matters little if we acknowledge it or not. This Energy is ever present and ever ready to help. All we need do is ask, listen and act.

My readings are always heart-based and spirit-guided. Above all else, my intention is to help you find clarity so that you can make informed decisions in resolving issues. I will show you the landscape and guide you through it, but ultimately all decisions are yours. I offer practical tools and exercises to empower you in manifesting the person you were born to be and live the happiest most easily flowing life you can.

When beginning a chat reading, after you give me your first name and date of birth, please allow me to speak first. It is important to me that I give you what initially comes through before you say anything. In this way, it is then clear that I’m in tune with your situation. No question you ask is too small and no topic is off limits. If it concerns you, it matters and will be answered.

To chat/order a reading with me, please visit Get A Reading.

I can also be reached directly at Mirandaatkajama@gmail.com to schedule a reading.